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    Once thought of as dreary and full of factories, Łódź has undergone a transformation in recent years. Now a centre of culture and art nouveau decoration this Polish city is worth a visit. Piotrkowska Street is both a promenade and commercial centre running 7 kilometres through Łódź and is the longest of this type of street in Europe. Łódź is an international centre with annual festivals for explorers and in celebration of four cultures to name a few. The art museum has a collection of contemporary art, whilst the textile museum is the largest of its kind in Europe.Near Łódź there are biking and hiking trails, whilst the city itself has botanical gardens and a plethora of interesting buildings. Stay locally or in the city itself hotels can be easily found at Spala is a pre war residence of Polish statesmen and the royal family who used to hunt there and it is now a centre for tourists and hunters alike. Łódź appears to be a city where there is always an event or celebration and a destination with a difference.