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Lubuskie is a voivodeship (province) in western Poland on the border with Germany. This region has had a tumultuous history, as warfare has swept across it many times. From your discount hotel in Lubuskie you can tour the countryside and see many monuments, churches, cathedrals, and military sites that are evidence of events that took place here.

One of the most interesting sites for visitors staying in budget hotels in Lubuskie is the Miedzyrzecz Underground Bunker and Tunnel System. Before World War II, this territory was German. On Hitlers orders a vast system of fortifications and tunnels was constructed between 1934 and 1938. The labyrinth of passageways, barracks, ammunition magazines, and secret rooms extends more than fifty kilometers, much of it between 20 and 50 meters below the ground. Guided tours are available. Lubuskie is also part of Polands Lake Country. The area is popular for fishing, sailing, kayaking and canoeing. In winter the lakes are used for skating and ice-boating. Campers, hikers, cyclists and bird watchers are drawn to this area. You can even enjoy a meal at a Polish farm. One of the main towns in Lubuskie is Gorzow Wielkopskie. Here you can see the 14th century Gothic Cathedral of the Assumption. You can also see the remains of 14th century defensive walls. In the town of Zielona Gora you can see the Lubuskie Regional Museum, as well as a 15th century church.