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        The Barbakan Details

        Poland has a very interesting and sometimes hectic history; the buildings in Poland have seen a large amount of damage although some of them escaped from being destroyed in war. Many of these poor damaged buildings were then restored to their original states and can be visited today. The Barbakan was built back in the 1300s and is now just an old relic of the old city in Europe.The Barbakan is just walls of the old structure that are an amazing three meters thick; although the old building has seen its share of war and battles this lovely structure was never captured in a battle which is still a source of Polish pride. The Barbakan is surrounded by a lovely park that is great for walking and exploring while there visiting the area. This very large structure is beautiful and very impressive in person and needs to be seen up close to really appreciate it; a picture of it will not be enough.

        Address: Ul. Basztowa, 50. 0655, 19. 941644, Krakow 30-547, Poland