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        Cricoteka Gallery Details

        Poland is a lovely country with many great buildings to go and visit while there on your next vacation. The city of Krakow is home to many of these fine buildings including the Cricoteka Gallery. The Cricoteka Gallery is an exhibition which was started in the year 1981, which consists of stage props, stage costumes, as well as photographs and video of performances which took place in the theater in the city. The gallery is located in the building which used to be the location of a theater owned by the man called Tadeusz Kantor.

        Kantor created this exhibition and after he died this lovely exhibit was regarded as a sort of cultural institute which is there to commemorate the life and work of Mr. Kantor. This lovely gallery is just one of the many lovely buildings you can go and see in the beautiful city of Krakow in Poland.

        Address: ul. Nadwilaska 2-4, 30-527 Kraków, Poland