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        Poland is the home to a huge amount of very lovely fine buildings. The city of Krakow is one of the best for seeing examples of these great buildings. What might be the most beautiful of all the buildings in the entire city is called the Wielopolskich Palace. The older version of this very beautiful building was unfortunately destroyed in the year 1850 by fire. Luckily the wonderful building was restored and is now available for visitors to explore.This beautiful building is a great place to visit, and while you are already in the city visiting the Wielopolskich Palace you must be certain to go by and see all the other lovely buildings in the area. When you go inside the Palace you will certainly not regret having stopped by to visit as it is particularly beautiful. Make your way over to the city of Krakow in Poland as soon as you can.

        Address: Plac Wszystkich witych 3-4 (tylna brama wjazdowa: ul. Poselska 8-12), Krakow, Poland