Hotels in Zbaraski & Potocki Palace

        Zbaraski & Potocki Palace Details

        In Poland you will find many great cities to visit with an almost endless number of fun and exciting things to do while there. The city of Krakow is one of these wonderful Polish cities filled with so many great things to do like going to museums, art galleries, or even going to see old houses and mansions. One of the nicest mansions in Krakow is called the Zbaraski and Potocki Palace.The Zbaraski and Potocki Palace is one of the nicest old mansions you will find in Poland as well. This lovely palace was constructed back in the years of the 1700s, and it is full of lovely high quality craftsmanship in its construction. In addition to the very stunning inner courtyard you will find the interiors of the building to be of superb quality. Although this fine building used to belong to nobility it is now home for the Goethe Institute.

        Address: Rynek Gowny 20, Krakow, 31-008, Poland