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Podkarpackie , Poland, a province in south-eastern Poland, touches the Ukraine in the east and Slovakia in the south. The majestic Carpathian Mountains are nearby. In this province, you can ski and snowboard, or swim, bicycle, or hike, depending on the season. You can also pay a visit to Rzeszów, the capital city. Rzeszów culture is representative of the culture of the province. Plan a weekend in Rzeszów. In this way, you can become part of Rzeszów tourism and visit many of the Rzeszów attractions. Crackow attractions are also plentiful. The 15th century Town Hall and the yellow Cloth Hall from the 16th century are expressions of Crackow culture and history. Other Crackow sights include St. Marys Church (14th century) with its immense main altarpiece dated from 1489 by Stoss and its Gothic sculpture. Some things to do in Crackow include climbing to the top of Wawel Hill to visit the Cathedral (1364) and the 16th century Castle. You might also want to go shopping in Crackow on the main floor of the Craft Hall.