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      Podlaskie (also called Podlasie) is in northeastern Poland, on the border of Belarus. The name means The land close to the forest. Though much of the old forest cover is gone, you can still see primeval woodland in Bialowieza National Park. Your discount hotel in Podlaskie will also put you within easy reach of Biebrza and Narew National Parks. These beautiful parks are not far from Bialystok, the largest city in Podlaskie, with a population of 292,000.Bialystok dates back to the 16th century. It was almost completely destroyed by the Nazis in World War II, but it has been largely rebuilt. The 18th century town hall, one of the few historic buildings to survive the war, now houses the Podlasie Museum. Here you can see a collection of Polish art, and some Viking artifacts. Another historic building, Branicki Palace, was burned down by the Nazis, but has been restored to its 18th century splendor. Also be sure to see the little 17th century old parish church and the much larger early 20th century mock-Gothic cathedral that is attached to it. From your budget hotel in Podlaskie you can explore the region outside Bialystok. The Holy Water Sanctuary has been attracting pilgrims since the early 18th century. In the little town of Tykocin you can see a 17th century synagogue that miraculously survived World War II. It is now a museum. There is also an 18th century Baroque church, and a monument to Polish hero Stefan Czarniecki.