Hotels in Artus Court (Dwor Artusa)

      Artus Court (Dwor Artusa) Details

      There are many beautiful cities in Poland; however one of the nicest ones is the city of Gdansk. Of all the cities which meet up with the Baltic Sea the city of Gdansk is rumored to be the finest, with its breathtaking architecture and beautiful views of the sea. The city has many lovely palaces as well as other fine old buildings to go and visit while there. One of the nicest residences to go by and see in the city is the Artus Court.The Artus Court is one of the oldest and nicest buildings in the city of Gdansk. Any visitor to this lovely residence will instantly be impressed by the lovely Gothic style architecture on the exterior. The rooms inside are some of the nicest in all of Poland therefore it is imperative you take a look inside when there. The Artus Court is definitely one of the nicest places to visit in Gdansk.

      Address: Dugi Targ 43-44, 80-831 Gdask, Poland

      Phone: +48 58 767 91 80