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      In the lovely Polish city of Gdansk one can find some of the nicest statues and monuments in Europe. Located very near the lovely palace called Artus Court, you will be pleased to find one of the nicest monuments in the city. The monument is called Fontanna Neptuna, or in English the Neptune Fountain. This lovely monument is one of the most popular monuments to visit in the city of Gdansk.The Neptune Fountain was constructed in the years of 1606 through 1613 by an artist by the name of Peter Husen. The very large and lovely structure is made of bronze and is considered a very important symbol of the city of Gdansk, which is well known as the most lovely city on the Baltic Sea. Taking a trip to this beautiful city is a must, and dont forget to see all the other great monuments while you are there.

      Address: Dlugi Targ, Gdansk, Poland