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      When going on a trip to Europe it is great to go to Poland and see what it has to offer. This very lovely country can sometimes be overshadowed by some of the more common places to go such as France or Germany; however it is certainly as nice as either of them. There are a great many lovely cities in Poland that would make perfect spots to stay in or even just to go and visit.The city of Gdansk is one of the nicest cities in Poland and will not disappoint you when it comes to all the usual fun and exciting things one does on vacation. The city has museums, restaurants, shops, and many lovely buildings to go and see. The city of Gdansk has a very nice building called the Golden House, which was built in the year 1618. Some consider this fine residence to be the most beautiful in the city.

      Address: Dugi Targ 41, 80-980 Gdask, Poland