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      There are many great places to visit in the lovely Polish city of Gdansk. The city is filled with lovely churches and other nice old buildings for visitors to the city to enjoy. Located near one of the lovely old churches, called St. Catherines Church is the Great Mill. This very impressive landmark is one of the most popular in the city. The mill was built back in the year 1350 by knights.The Great Mill of Gdansk was a fully functional mill that was used by the city until the Second World War. The mill is not in use today, however it is available for all visitors to the city to go and see and learn all about its purpose and history. There are many other great place to go in the city like the Great Mill, which means it will be a fun and full vacation if you go to the city of Gdansk in Poland.

      Address: ul. Wielkie Mlyny 16, Gdansk, Poland

      Phone: +48 058 301 1031