Hotels in Lesser Poland

        Lesser Poland Details

        Lesser Poland is rolling countryside with gentle hills and medieval castle ruins. Here you can leave your hotels in Lesser Poland for Organ Music Days, the Polish and International Festival of Short Films and the Jewish Cultural Festival of Street Theater. It is a region of many beautiful sights, but it is also a pilgrimage. Some travelers leave their Lesser Poland hotels to visit the remains of the various Nazi Concentration Camps, including Auschwitz and Birkenau. Others stay in Lesser Poland cheap hotels so they can see the former home of the man who became Pope John Paul II. Check with for suitable budget-oriented accommodations including discount hotels. Lesser Poland is then open to show you the good and the bad.Obviously, a thorough tour will take longer than a weekend. Lesser Poland can show you its salt mines in Wieliczka including the magnificent “Chapel of the Blessed Kings” an underground salt chapel. Alternatively, you can go to Cracow, the Upstairs, in the Renaissance Cloth Hall, is the Gallery of 19th century Polish Paintings. There is also the 15th century Town Hall Tower and the Wawel Hill topped with a Cathedral (1364) and a castle (16th c).