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      Poland’s Poznań Metropolitan region encompasses several communities including Poznań, Kórnik and Licheń. You can leave your hotels in Poznań Metropolitan to view the Chapel of St. Dorothy, a pilgrimage site in Licheń or go to the large castle with its moat and grandiose park in Kórnik. Spend at least a weekend. Poznań Metropolitan can entertain you with its many sights. Check with for apt accommodations including Poznań Metropolitan cheap hotels or discount hotels. Poznań Metropolitan becomes affordable and a longer stay is then possible.Visitors who book into Poznań Metropolitan hotels often spend much of their time in the city of Poznań. This is a romantic old town wit a cosmopolitan aura about it. The merchant houses date from the 15th century in the old section and glow with their rainbow paint. There are fountains and a Renaissance Old Town Hall. The Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul originates in the 10th century and contains a gold chapel containing the tombs of two former rulers. There is also the rose-hued church of St. Mary Magdalene with its sculpted ceilings. Stay to take part in the Jazz Festival or the International blues Festival.