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Rzeszów is both a city and a province. People arrive to stay in Rzeszów hotels to enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sports. You can swim, bicycle, or hike. You can leave your hotels in Rzeszów to hunt, paraglide or canoe. In the nearby Carpathian Mountains, there is skiing and snowboarding. If you remain in the region for more than a weekend, Rzeszów can show you around its other sights. These include the Museum of Pipes and Bells in the clock tower of Przmýsl, the “Capital of Bells and Pipes.” Check with for suitable accommodation for your stay. If you are on a budget, try for Rzeszów cheap hotels. Another alternative are discount hotels. Rzeszów can then allow you a choice of where to go and what to see.You might want to visit the Ethnographic Museum in Rzeszów or its palaces. They include Lubmoriski Palace, an 18th century summer palace and Lancut Palace. There is also the Lańcut Castle Museum with 17, 18 and 19th century interiors in Lańcut. There is a large park and the Museum of Distillery in an 1883 manor house on the premises of the Polmas Łańcut Distillery.