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    Mazowieckie is the largest of Poland’s 16 voivodships or provinces. It is centrally located and also holds the country's capital city of Warsaw. The whole region is flat and covered with forests, orchards and fields. The Kampinoski Forest is spread out only a few kilometers from the outskirts of Warsaw which is not just a great beauty spot in the area but it also serves as a natural air filter or cleaner for the air of the capital. The forest is one of only two national parks in the world neighboring a metropolis. The province also has a grid of gentle rivers flowing can arrange budget-wise hotel bookings for the traveler to the Mazowieckie region. Some of these discount hotels are centrally located in and around the vibrant inner city and offer easy access to art galleries, museums. A must try at the trendy cafés are the traditional biscuits, fafernuchy, with a glass of juniper beer. Other affordable hotels are scattered around the region in charming, though rather drowsy towns closer to the many outdoorsy activities. The province has something to offer for everyone from the thrill seekers Szczesliwice is best known for its artificial ski slope and ski lift for year round skiing and snowboarding. For the best windsurfing and other water sports in the region Zegrzynski Bay is the place to go. Birdwatchers will be amazed at the 150 bird species that inhabit the numerous old river beds, marshy forests of the area.