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    Chopin Monument Details

    Poland is full of monuments to some very important and famous people from all over. One of the nicest monuments in Poland is in the city of Warsaw and is called the Chopin Monument. The Chopin Monument is of course dedicated to Chopin and his life and work. The lovely monument is located in a very beautiful park called Lazienski Park. Lazienski Park is also a very wonderful place to go when in Poland on vacation, or even just passing through the country.The Chopin Monument is just one of many wonderful monuments in the city of Warsaw that bring people there to visit the city each year. This monument has lovely concerts every Sunday at around noon time which brings quite a large crowd to this lovely park. The monument was reconstructed after the Second World War and the concerts have been held there since then. The monument is a must see for everyone coming to Poland to visit.

    Address: Lazienki Park, Warsaw 99-200, Poland