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    Warsaw Chopin Airport Details

    When going to Warsaw on your next vacation make sure to use the busiest and also the best airport in Poland which is the Warsaw Chopin Airport. The composer Chopin was a resident of Warsaw and the people of the city love him and his works, which is why they named the airport after him. There are many lovely places in the city of Warsaw dedicated to Chopin. The city has a monument to him as well as holding Chopin outdoor concerts in the summer months.The airport is the busiest in Poland and simply the best place to go when coming to the city of Warsaw. This busy airport handles up to one hundred flights daily and there are many flights to the cities of London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt which are increasing in numbers steadily. The Warsaw Chopin Airport is simply one of the best airports in Poland.

    Address: Żwirki i Wigury 1, Warszawa, Poland

    Code: WAW

    Phone: +48 22 650 42 20