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    One of the greatest astronomers was from the lonely country of Poland and his name was Nicolas Copernicus. There is a monument in the great city of Warsaw that is dedicated to Nicolas Copernicus, which is a lovely spot to visit in the city. There is a lovely inscription on the statue of the monument that says To Nicolas Copernicus from his compatriots. This is one of the loveliest monuments in the city of Warsaw.The Monument to Nicolas Copernicus was built in 1830 and is a great place in the city to go and see all the beautiful history. The monument is a scientist gazing at the lovely skies, dressed in a toga. He is looking at the skies in which he was researching, which makes a lovely monument to Copernicus. This monument is just one of the numerous monuments, in the city of Warsaw, which you simply must see while there.

    Address: Krakowskie Przedmiecie, Warszawa, Poland