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    Of the many great countries to visit in Europe Poland is one of the best. The country is just filled with old buildings with great histories. Poland is also home to many fine restaurants, museums, theaters, parks, and squares. The city of Warsaw is home to a large number of these great places to visit while in Poland. Warsaw is home to the Plac Unii Lubelskiej, or as it is called in English Union of Lubin Square.Although this building is still up and standing in Warsaw to this day, the plans for fully finishing the structure were cut short by the partitioning of Poland. The buildings in the area are beautiful to see and it is very interesting and fun to learn all about their histories. The name of the square comes from the commonwealth of Poland and Lithuania which was created in the year 1568 and it was in Lubin.

    Address: plac Konstytucji Warszawa, Poland