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    If you are in the city of Warsaw and want to go to see a film then the Rejs is the perfect place for you. The theater shows films that are not widely released or mainstream films. This lovely theater is filled with comfortable seating for around fifty people. The theater is not large but it is a very nice and cozy place to see what might turn out to be a great European film that you may not get to see otherwise.The Rejs is equipped with Dolby Suround sound and will provide a very comfortable and enjoyable cinematic experience. The Rejs should be up at the top of your list of places to visit in the city of Warsaw. When you are planning your next trip to Poland stop in to Warsaw and see what ios showing at the Rejs, you will surely not be disappointed with the experience not matter how good the movies might be.

    Address: Krakowskie Przedmiecie Street 21, Warsaw, 00-071, Poland