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      There are many great places in Europe to go to see wonderful plants and aquariums. Poland is one of the best countries to visit if you like green houses. The city of Poznans Green House is one of the nicest in Poland, and it is also one of the largest in all of Europe. The green house in the city has been rebuilt many times over since its original construction in the year 1910.The green house that is currently in the city of Poznan is huge with over 17,000 plants; in addition to these plants there is also an aquarium for water plants. There is a park in the city of Poznan called Wilson Park, which happens to be where the green house is located. This beautiful green house is open from the hours of 9 through 1500. You will be very pleased with all the wonderful plants you get to see there, have fun exploring.

      Address: Chwaliszewo 11, 61-104 Pozna, Poland

      Phone: +48 61 855 05 30