Hotels in Lake Malta

      Lake Malta Details

      In the lovely country of Poland you are certain to find many wonderful parks and lakes where you can go to relax on vacation. The city of Poznan has a very good supply of places to go to relax. One of the nicest of these places is Lake Malta. Lake Malta is a lake in Poznan which is man made. The lake was made by the damming of the River Cybina, which took place back in the year 1952.Lake Malta is a very popular attraction to this lovely city and all along the lake you will find wonderful attractions for visitors to the city to enjoy. Some of these attractions include a zoological garden, an artificial ski slope, and an artificial ice rink. The lake is a very popular spot and is home to one of the oldest rowing courses in Europe that you simply must try, called the Malta Regatta Course.

      Address: ul. Wiankowa 3, Poznan, Poland