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      St. Adalbert's Hill Details

      Poland has a very large amount of churches spread all throughout its many great cities. The churches have some very unique and exciting architectural styles. The city of Poznan has many different kinds of churches just in that single city. The Parish Church of the city is a design by an Italian architect, and has its own unique style. While, the Church of St, Adalbert is a Gothic style church. The Church of St. Adalbert is located on the famous St. Adalberts Hill.St. Adalberts Hill is a very popular place to go when in Poznan on vacation. The historic and beautiful churches in the area draw many people in each year. Close to the Church of St. Adalbert you will find another lovely church in the style of Baroque. St. Adalberts Hill is certainly one of the best places to start out a nice tour of the city of Poznan.