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          The Azores are a cluster of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. There are 5 cities, 19 municipalities and 156 parishes in this archipelago. Tourism is a huge industry for the Azures, and it seems to become a more popular destination for visitors each year. Those who desire an active vacation especially enjoy the Azores, as there are so many things here for them to do. How about bullfighting, or saltwater fly fishing You can also enjoy hiking in several beautiful locations, such as from Povoacao to Nordeste on Sao Miguel Island, up Pico Mountain on Pico Island, or what has been dubbed the West Coast Walk on Flores Island. Mountain biking and whale watching are also options. Other attractions include Lake Furnas in Sao Miguel, the Gruta das Torres cave in Pico, the Caideira das Sete Cidades, a geological formation in Ponta Delgada, and the Marina of Horta. Restaurants in the Azores serve a wide variety of Portugese cuisine as well as other international fare.