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    The main industry in the Azores is tourism, and when you arrive at the Horta hotel that you’ve booked with, it won’t be difficult to see why. The islands form part of an archipelago that is formed by nine main islands and eight smaller formigas. Horta is a municipality in the western Azores, encompassing the Faial Island, and it has approximately 15,000 inhabitants.Horta is a popular stop in the Atlantic for sailors and yachters, and they have left their mark, literally. Take a walk through the marina to see the paintings that years of visitors have left behind. The Horta Regional Museum contains a permanent exhibit of photographs documenting the last volcanic eruption on the islands which took place in 1957. The museum also has a number of carvings by Euclides Rosa, made out of the interesting choice of medium of fig kernels. More carvings are found in the Peter Café Sport scrimshaw museum, though these are done on whale bones and whale teeth.