Hotels in Nordeste

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Nordeste Details

In the Azores are budget hotels in Nordeste. Nordeste is located on San Miguel Island, one of a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean. Whale watching is the most popular tourist activity in the area. Nordeste Whale Watching Tours offer half day and day long excursions during peak whale spotting seasons. Sailing is also a great island activity in the Azores. Visitors can sail from one island to another with a sailboat from a local sailboat rental company.The Lake of Fire is near the discount hotels in Nordeste. The Lake of Fire is a spa and mineral springs that offers healing therapies. Different packages can be purchased for the spa that includes water treatments, massages, and more. suggests visitors to Nordeste take time to enjoy the local beauty of the Azores, much of which can be found locally. The Pineapple Hothouse is a fabulous and vibrant garden. It is only one of the many gardens located here. The area is also known for historical sites such as the Angra, an archeological site.