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There is evidence that the south central Portuguese town of Alvito has been inhabited since the Neolithic age, though it has had other occupants over the centuries since. The Romans, Visigoths, and Moors all occupied this area of the Beja District before the Portuguese conquered the region in 1234. The cultures have left their mark on the town, where buildings often show evidence of more than one influence in their architecture.Look for a hotel in Alvito on that is near the historic center if you want to navigate the area on foot. There you will find the Castle of Alvito. The current incarnation dates from 1504, and shows both late Gothic and Arabic influences in its design. The Matriz, or main church in Alvito, was built in the early 16th century. You will recognize it as you approach along the winding streets due to its stand-out yellow color. This building adds some Renaissance style to the village as well.