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Beja, is located in the Lower Alantejo region in southern Portugal. Beja can trace its roots back to the Roman era, when it was named Pax Julia, after Julius Caesar. The roots of its current name can be traced back to the Moors, who conquered the town in the 8th century. Today, Beja is a medium-sized town with plenty of history to explore for a week or a weekend. Beja hotels are accessible for every price range and visitors can find all the Beja hotels at With a destination as interesting as Beja, cheap hotels are not difficult to find. From luxury accommodations to discount hotels, Beja can offer a pleasant vacation experience for every budget.The town of Beja is dominated by its Castle. Built on Roman foundations, it was subsequently rebuilt by King Dinis in the 14th century and again improved upon in the 16th century. Explore its towers and dungeon and climb to the top to see breathtaking views of the whole region. There are many interesting religious sites to visit, including the Cathedral (Sé), whose somber exterior belies the lavish decorations inside, and the Church of Santo Amaro, which dates from the fifth century and houses the Beja Regional Museum's Visigoth exhibition. The Queen Leonor Museum offers another look into Bejas Roman and Moorish past. No visit to Beja would be complete without a visit to Pizões, just south of Beja, where you can see the remains of a Roman villa.