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Mértola is another fine example of why making Portugal your vacation destination is both ideal and affordable. There's an exceptional number of awesome features about this place. You can enjoy famous Portuguese cuisine dining at the locally owned restaurants, and you can experience the greatness of local culture by shopping in the various markets scattered throughout the town. There's even the fact that discount Mértola hotels ensure you save the most amount of money possible.Losing interest is impossible in Mértola thanks to its many wonderful features. Perhaps the most famous one is Mértola Castle, which dates back to the 13th century. There's also Main Church, located next to the Guadiana River. For those intrigued by history and art, be certain to explore Mértola Museum and make it one of the stops along your sightseeing experience. Finally, exploit the potential of your money by reserving a room with a hotel in Mértola using