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        Never a country to disappoint its fans, Portugal remains one of the greatest places a tourist can take a vacation, and the city of Odemira is a fine example of why this is true. Famous for its coastline facing the Pacific Ocean, Odemira provides vacationers the experience of beautiful beaches and so much much more. You can appreciate the goodness of Portugal by shopping, entertaining yourself, and looking at attractions here. You can also save money with exception budget Odemira hotels.If you want to know why it's so great to stay in this area, then travel to Évora, which is not that far away. As the capital of the local area, it features great history in the form of ancient structures. One can really grasp what it was like to live in historical Portugal due to buildings such as the Cathedral of Évora, or Giraldo Square. There's even the Roman Temple of Évora, along with the Historic Centre of Évora that complete the historical picture. If saving money is your thing reserve a Odemira hotel room using