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      Located in the Costa Verde, or Green Coast, region, Guimarães was the first capital of Portugal and the birthplace of its first king. The town can trace its roots back to the ninth century, when King Alfonso de León convened a Council of Bishops and Counts there. Three hundred years later, Dom Afonso Henriques was proclaimed the first king of Portugal and chose the town of his birth for his capital. Today, its rich history and impressive number of historical sites make Guimarães an excellent vacation destination for a week or a weekend. Guimarães hotels are available for every price range and one can access all the hotels in Guimarães at With a destination as interesting as Guimarães, cheap hotels are a snap to find. From deluxe accommodations to discount hotels, Guimarães can offer a pleasant vacation at a reasonable price.There are many historically important sites to see, including the medieval castle, which was built in the 10th century to protect the city from both Moors and Normans. Not far away is the Palace of the Dukes of Bragança which dates from the 15th century. This impressive building stands out because of its 39 brick chimneys, drawing unusual influence from northern Europe. There are many interesting churches to visit but the most impressive is the São Francisco Church. This cathedral was built in the early 15th century in the Gothic style, later to be restored in the 18th century. The Alberto Sampaio Museum exhibits extraordinary examples of religious art. The Praça de Santiago is a village square located at the center of the old town, which has been given the designation of UNESCO World Heritage Site.