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      The district of Bragança is located in the Alto Tramonto Region of Portugal. The city of Bragança snuggles between two slopes in a narrow valley. In the city of Bragança, you can see the Military Museum in a 12th century Castle or visit the Church of St. Mary. There is also the Douro Nature Park in the region on the Douro River. If you have time, go to visit Bemposta in this region. There are several things to do in Bemposta. Bemposta tourism promotes the town as a point of departure. Some plan to take shopping in Bemposta as far as the Spanish borders since one of the things to do in Bemposta is to arrange for a trip to Spain. To some travelers, Bemposta attractions include its proximity to the Spanish border. Other visitors come to see such sights as the former palace, now hotel the 18th century Real Inn dos Marcos with its Holy Mary Chapel. This building is part of Bemposta culture as is its claim to being the birthplace and home of D. Manuel Martini Manso, the Archbishop of Guardia.