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Covilhã is located in the Beiras region in central Portugal. Covilhã has traditionally been the home of woolen textiles, dating back to the time that the Moors controlled the region. It began to fall out of favor when silk began to gain prominence, but was saved by King João V who ordered that wool for military uniforms would come from this town. Today it is a charming vacation spot to explore the Serra da Estrela mountain range for a week or a weekend. Covilhã hotels offer every comfort to make your visit a successful one. There are many choices when it comes to hotels in Covilhã; from luxury to discount hotels, Covilhã can accommodate every budget. Should the destination be Covilhã, cheap hotels can be easily found at sure to visit the main square of the town, Praça do Município, which features a statue honoring 15th century explorer Pero de Covilhã. Learn about the history of Covilhãs woolen textile making at the Museu dos Lanificios, or Museum of Wool Fabrics. There are several important religious buildings of note, including the Igreja da Misericórdia, which was built in 1601 and where mass is only celebrated during Holy Week, and the Igreja Santa Maria, which dates to the 16th century and whose façade is now covered with beautiful white and blue tiles, telling the story of Our Lady. Nature lovers will want to seek out the Poco do Inferno, or Hells Well, which is a hidden waterfall in a spectacular setting.