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      Coimbra is the capital of the Centro region in the center of Portugal. Coimbra can trace its roots back to the Romans, who called the town Aeminium. After it was liberated from the Moors in the 11th century, it grew in prominence until King Dinis founded a university here in 1290, making it one of the oldest institutions of learning in the world. Today, Coimbra is much loved in the hearts of Portuguese and tourists alike and a wonderful destination for a week or a weekend. Coimbra hotels are accessible for every budget and one can find all the Coimbra hotels at With a destination as interesting as Coimbra, cheap hotels are easy to find. From deluxe accommodations to discount hotels, Coimbra can offer a pleasant vacation for every price range.Coimbra is full of churches of historical significance and included here are a few that visitors shouldn’t miss. The Sé Velho, or Old Cathedral, is a Romanesque building dating from the 12th century, while the Sé Nova, or New Cathedral, was once a Jesuit college and monastery until the Jesuits were forced out of Portugal at the end of the 18th century. The Igreja de Santa Cruz, or Church of the Holy Cross, is one of the main churches of Coimbra and houses the tombs of two Portuguese kings. What the Capela de São Miguel, or Chapel of Saint Michael, lacks in size, it makes up for in sumptuous decoration. Families will love the Portugal dos Pequeninos, or Portugal for the Little Ones, which exhibits the famous monuments and buildings of Portugal in miniature. Finally, be sure to visit the ancient ruins of Conimbriga, not far outside the city.