Hotels in Alcoutim

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Alcoutim Details

The village of Alcoutim is located in the Faro region of Portugal. Positioned on the side of a hill, Alcoutim retains a historical look and feel with its cobblestone streets. You can see the remnants of a castle from the 14th century on the hillside that overlooks the city. Alcoutin is also located very close to the Guadiana River. There is a paved promenade area along the riverbanks for leisurely strolls. The discount hotels in Alcoutim are well maintained, and can help you to locate a room that will suit you admirably.Some of the attractions in and around Alcoutim include the small town of Pereiro and its main church. Here you can view a wonderful collection of statues as well as an assortment of painted retables. The village known as Martinlongo has a main church, which features many different styles of architecture, along with some irreplaceable gilded vestments, and church objects made of silver made during the 16th through the 18th centuries. The Castro Marim Nature Reserve is another venue that visitors to Portugal thoroughly enjoy. Finding one of the budget hotels in Alcoutim to use as a home base will help to make your trip a pleasant one.