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              Alvor is an ancient seaside town in Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal, and boasts an impressive history. Historians believe Alvor was founded by the Carthaginians and was later renamed Ipses by the Romans. The important port changed hands between the Portuguese and the Moors, who called the town Albur, several times until it fell permanently under Portuguese control in 1250. Today, Alvor is a bustling tourist destination with sandy beaches and plenty of sightseeing and is a great choice for either a week or a weekend. Alvor hotels are obtainable for every budget and visitors can find hotels in Alvor at With a destination as popular as Alvor, cheap hotels are easy to find. From five-star to discount hotels, Alvor can provide a pleasant holiday experience for everyone.Visitors can wander the cobblestone streets and discover the Parish Church, built in the 16th century. The local beach, Praia de Alvor, is big enough to accommodate tourists, even in the busiest summer months. Those with a love of history may want to seek out the nearby village of Abidaca, where remnants of a Roman villa can still be found, attesting to the ancient roots of this region.