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    Over 60,000 people live in the city of Loule, Portugal, located in the countrys Faro district. Besides the sun and fun that the town offers, it also provides some interesting historical monuments. There are two times of the year when finding a budget hotel in Loule may prove difficult: during the towns municipal holiday of Ascension Day and during the Loule Carnival. However, you will have the best chance of finding a discount hotel in Loule during these or any other times by searching on the majority of the continent, Portugal was once under ancient Roman rule. The Ruinas de Milreu, or Milreu ruins found in Loule, are those of an ancient Roman village. Other sites are much more recent in comparison but still historically significant. The parish church was opened in the 13th century, as was the Convent of Graca, though it now lays in ruins. Another castle dating from the same era was built by Arabs in the region. It was called the Igreja da Misercordia.