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The southern region of Portugal is known for having a great deal of historical significance, and it's all for a very good reason thanks to municipalities such as Monchique. This famous place has all that you'd like to enjoy when taking a vacation in the country facing Spain. You'll be treated to great places full of exciting entertainment, dining options, recreational activities, and much more. You also have the opportunity to save a large quantity of cash by staying at a cheap hotel in Monchique!Located inside the Faro district, Monchique is only a little distance away from the city of Faro itself. If you go to Faro, you'll be amazed by historical structures such as Faro Cathedral. There's the Statue of King Afonso III, Faro City Hall, and even the old Faro Marina. Everything about this area is truly something special, and you'll get to appreciate it all by reserving a room at a hotel in Monchique with