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          Don't worry about spending too much money when considering a vacation in Portugal. You can experience the quality of the Atlantic from the coastlines of the country thanks to the town of Sagres. This little place is remarkable for having that great atmosphere maintained by a strong cultural vibe unique to Portugal itself. You can go to local marketplaces to enjoy a great selection of handcrafted goods, dine out at affordable but outstanding restaurants, entertain yourself, and take long relaxing walks here in this quaint town. Also know that you can keep your budget tight by lodging at a cheap Sagres hotel!You're always close to excitement when staying in Sagres, thanks to nearby cities such as Lagos. In Lagos, once can find Meia Praia's beach, known for its cleanliness and brilliant luster. There's also the Praia da Dona Ana natural environment, and then in the city there's the famous Museu regional. Don't forget to snap some pictures of the Boa Esperança replica. You can really enjoy spending time here. Reserve a room at a Sagres hotel by using services available only with