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    Lisbon, like Rome, sits amidst among seven hills. The Grande Lisboa region focuses on this city. In fact, a visit to Grande Lisboa is a visit to Lisbon. Therefore, be sure to book well in advance. There is no doubt that Lisbon tourism is all encompassing. Major Lisbon attractions are more numerous than days in the week. You can wander the winding streets of the ancient Alfama District or go to the modern section. There is St. Georges Castle built by the Moors and the Christian Church of Saint Roque from the Renaissance. The various Lisbon sights include the Gothic style tower of Elvador de Santa Justa (1902) and the late 17th century Palace of the Marquises with its terraced walk and topiary. Some of the things to do in Lisbon include visiting the National Coach Museum, the Center of Modern Art and the Botanical Gardens. All are representative of some aspect of Lisbon culture. This can also be said of shopping in Lisbon along the Baixa or in the Chicado Shopping area.