Hotels in Lagoa

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Lagoa Details

The municipality of Lagoa is in the district of Faro in Central Algarve, Portugal. It is home to Alcontrarilha with its Chapel of Bones constructed of some 1500 humans. While in the area, you can also go to The Big One water park. In Guia, there are historic churches. There is the Baroque Our Lady of Guia and the 17th century Church Matriz. There is even a Marine Zoo. You can also take time to visit Porches. Porches tourism indicates several reasons to visit the region. A weekend in Porches may suffice. The major Porches attractions focus on its pottery. While a Porches sight worth visiting is the 16th century chancel of its current church, the major reason why tourists visit Porches is its pottery workshops. Pottery, particularly hand-painted pottery is a distinctive feature of Porches culture. As a result, when you go shopping in Porches, look for the pottery along the main street or visit a local workshop. In fact, one of the things to do in Porches is to visit the Porches Pottery Factory.