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Porches Details

Porches is located in the Algarve region, the southernmost region of Portugal. Best known for its distinctive pottery works, Porches is also known for its traditional white houses with filigreed chimneys. Its close proximity to both beaches and interesting historical monuments make Porches an excellent vacation destination for a week or weekend. Porches hotels are a great alternative to busier vacation hot spots and all of them can be found on Whether youre looking for a beach getaway or a vacation steeped in history, hotels in Porches can accommodate you. For those that have picked Porches, cheap hotels are a great choice for those on a budget. No matter if you prefer luxury or discount hotels, Porches has the right rooms for you.The Porches Pottery Factory brings to life the traditional pieces which stem from its Iberian and Moorish past and each piece is decorated by hand. The current Parish Church was built on the site of its 16th century predecessor and visitors can still see the original chancel. Just to the south of Porches, one can find the Senhora da Rocha, a chapel which dates back to the Moorish occupation, located on a rocky cliff overlooking the beach of the same name.