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        Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is situated where the River Targus meets the Atlantic Ocean and can be considered the westernmost capital of Europe. It boasts a population of around one million residents, climbing to two million if one includes the suburbs surrounding the town, making it the largest city in Portugal. Being a port city in a strategic location, Lisbon has naturally been the target of numerous conquests, going back to the Phoenicians in 1200 B.C. and throughout the ages has been claimed by the Greeks, Romans and Moors until it came into its own in 1147, finally becoming the capital of Porgual in 1252. Today, Lisbon is a popular holiday destination, whether one is looking for a week of sightseeing and shopping or a relaxing weekend. Lisbon hotels are certainly varied to accommodate every budget and a great place to start and finish the search for hotels in Lisbon is With a destination as popular as Lisbon, cheap hotels are quite easy to find. Whether a visitor is looking for five-star accomodations or discount hotels, Lisbon offers history and entertainment for every budget.

        There are dozens of museums to visit in Lisbon, but a must-see is the National Museum of Ancient Art (Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga), which is housed in a 17th century palace in the Chiado district. Here one can find examples of fine art, jewellery and furniture dating back to the 12th century. Also, be sure to visit Saint Georges Castle (Castelo de São Jorge), where the oldest parts of the castle date back to the 6th century. Since Lisbon is situated on seven hills, some parts of the city are inaccessible by car, but there are plenty of public trams and elevators available, including the charming Elevador Santa Justa, which was designed by Raul Mesnier de Ponsard, an apprentice to Gustave Eiffel. In Belém, only a half hour tram ride from the city center, learn more about Portugals famous explorers of the 15th century at the Maritime Museum (Museu de Marinha) and visit the Tower of Belém, built in honor of Vasco da Gama, the first explorer to link Europe and India by water.