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    Upper Alentja is the most mountainous region of Portugal. It is the gateway to the Nature Park of Serra de São Mamede. This is one reason why travelers come to visit Portalegre. Portalegre, the city and region, sits at the very foot of the Serra de São Mamede. It offers easy access to the Park as well and a twin-towered Cathedral, a Municipal Museum and a Tapestry Museum. Portalegre also incorporates the quiet, hillside town of Castelo de Vide as a satellite. Castelo de Vide tourism notes the proximity and remarks this to be one of several Castelo de Vide attractions. You can visit the region and stay for a weekend in Castelo de Vide. A visit to Castelo de Vide includes wandering the main square, Praça Dom Pedro V. In this Square, you will find one of Castelo de Vide sights the Church of St. Mary. Other places of interest to note are the Town Hall, the 16th century marble fountain in the main square and the Jewish Quarter. You can visit the modest single story cottage that is home to a medieval synagogue. Other things to do in Castelo de Vide include visiting the part of Castelo de Vide culture and history the ruins of the Castelo. It features a well-preserved keep, a tower and a Gothic Hall. After this, go shopping in Castelo de Vide on Mercado Franco.