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          The Archipelago of the Azores known as the Ilhas dos Açores (Islands of the Hawks) consists of three different island groups. While each island has its specific character, at heart they are all volcanic. You may leave Azores hotels to wander the “green island” of Ilhade Sã Miguel or the steep and rocky coasts of Gaciosa, the most northerly island. It is not possible to island hop in a weekend, it require more time and money. The Azores can then show you the harbors of Ponta Delgado with its 16th century fort and triple-arched gate. You can also visit the wine making town of Biscoitos or the Parish Church of Santa Cruz. Another possibility is the crater lakes of Furnado Enxofre and its caverns or the whaling museum on Pica where there is still an active volcano.