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      Santarém lies in the Tagus Valley. It is a region and a city. The city of Santarém is the capital of the Ribatejo Region. In the town, you can see Portuguese bull fighting in the center. You can also go to the Archaeology Museum in the Portas do Sol Park. There is also the 14th century Gothic Church of Grace with its Medieval Tower of Gourds. In Santarém municipality, there are several parishes. You can also visit Constância, Montalvedo and Santa Margarida da Coutada. In the region, one of the most popular places to see is the Castel de Amourol. This is a castle on an island in the River Tagus. Its lofty towers and crenelated walls seduce all who see it. This is one of the things to do in Constância. If you stay for a weekend in Constância and area, you can go to the Castelo as well as other major Santarém and Constância attractions. There are other Constância sights. Besides the whitewashed homes lining the narrow cobbled streets, there is the House, Casa dos Arcos of the exiled poet of the 16th century, Luís Vas de Camões. He made the mistake of falling in love with the kings favored lady. Constância tourism explains the tale in full. For a change and to sample another type of Constância culture, go shopping in Constância at the Saturday market along the Tagus River banks.