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    Castelo do Neiva is a beautiful castle in the city of Viana do Castelo in Portugal. This castle has been the proud property of Viana do Castelo since the very earliest part of the 19th Century. The city of Viana do Castelo also has some other places to visit while there including the Viana do Castelo Seaport on the Rio Lima, the Montesinho Natural Park, and the Peneda Geres National Park.Viana do Castelo is certainly a lovely city in Portugal where people can find very beautiful hotels in which to stay with just a little bit of searching. Searching here at is the best way to locate the discount hotels of your choice at the very best prices. Hotels near the attractions in Viana do Castelo such as the Castelo do Neiva can be booked for very reasonable prices, even if they are very popular spots to stay.