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      Western Beirias is the site of Viseu. Viseu, in the Dão Region, is an area of prime wine growing. Viseu tourism stresses the richness of this regions wine. Viseu major attractions include the chance to follow the wine route. Try to remain for a weekend in Viseu. In this way, you can go shopping in Viseu on the Rua Direita and look at the sights. Viseu is the capital of the Beira Alta. It has, among other attractions, a famed outdoor mural in tiles. Viseu sights also include the Cãmara Municipal with its courtyard, decorative tiles and fine woodwork. The Viseu Cathedral is also worth visiting Viseu. It is a massive stone structure dating from the 13th century. Inside, you can view the tall Gothic pillars and the gilded Baroque high altar. For another glimpse of Viseu culture, you should also go to the Grnão Vasco Museum. You can find it in a former seminary. Take time, as well to visit the white, Rococo Church of Mercy.