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    The city of Arad is on the Mures River in the middle of Romanias wine country. It dates back to at least the 11th century, and has an 18th century citadel. Arad is Romanias main gateway to Hungary. This makes discount hotels in Arad very popular with tourists traveling through Eastern Europe. The star-shaped citadel is Arads most interesting attraction. It is still a military base, and the interior is closed to the public, but it is worth looking at because of its history. It was built between 1763 and 1783 by the Habsburg Queen Marie Therese. In 1848, following a failed revolution, 13 Hungarian generals were hanged here. You can now see a monument erected to their memory.Arads neo-classical town hall dates back to 1876, and has a 54-meter (177-foot) clock tower. Nearby are the 19th century Cenad Palace and the Aurel Vlaicu University Building. The city History Museum is in the Palace of Culture, which was completed in 1913 and is located on Piata George Enescu. In the Youth Park beside the river, on summer afternoons you can listen to the military band rehearse. Also see the neo-classical State Theatre, which was built in 1874. In front of an 1815 house called The House With the Padlock, you can see an ancient tree stump into which apprentice blacksmiths used to hammer a nail to symbolize their admission into the guild. For information on cheap hotels in Arad, see the listings at